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When Jesse Ahern walks onstage, he looks like a regular guy-albeit one with a six string strapped across his body and an anchor tattoo under his right eye. As he tears through his set, easily rousing brand new crowds to shout his choruses back in his face, it’s clear Jesse could be everybody’s friend.

Ahern’s tunes hold the clenched fists of the working class. Others put on full display the raw open heart of a man who is dedicated to love, and has known enough loss to cherish what he has at home. Still others reveal the tender, protective arms of a father who misses his kids when he’s off touring the world.

On tour, Ahern stands before a giant backdrop emblazoned with the words ROOTS ROCK REBEL. Three words that proclaim the truth about his music, and the man himself. The new album produced by Ted Hutt (Dropkick Murphys, Gaslight Anthem) takes those three words a giant step further.

Ahern has spent the last few years touring the world, sharing stages with Dropkick Murphys, Frank Turner,Chuck Ragan, Rancid, Jaime Wyatt, The Interrupters, and The Record Company.With the release of the “Roots Rock Rebel”  Ahern will travel many more miles around the globe, converting more first time crowds into future longtime fans.